An Intriguing Discover by German Forest Ranger

Social Networks in the Woods

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Social networks are synonymous with human lifestyle. It has never before associated with the forest as nobody has ever imagined how this is possible. However, according to Peter Wohlleben, a long time German forest ranger, there exist trees social networks in the forests. This is well documented in his book “The Surprise Hidden Life of Trees” which continues to top bestseller list. Mr. Wohlleben discoveries have elicited a change of perception among the readers and influenced how they perceive life in the forests. Thousands of readers had admitted a total change of behaviour when in the woods and adopted a new approach of handling trees bearing in mind of the scientific interconnectedness showcased by Mr. Wohlleben in his book.

Trees are Rational Decision Makers and Have Feelings

Typically, you have observed tree branches pointing away from each other and might have thought maybe it is due to the weight of the thick stems supporting the leaves influencing the change of direction. This might not be true in light of Mr. Wohlleben discoveries. He argued that tree branches do so to avoid blocking their buddy’s light. They are concerned about the well-being of their neighbor and would not deny them their fair share of nature’s providence.

Unbreakable Connections

Human beings have always displayed unbreakable relationship with their partners or their children. This is why you have heard and witnessed one partner’s death quickly lead to the sudden death of another which is associated with strong emotional connections and the shock of dealing with the loss. Similarly, some tree pairs are deeply interconnected at the roots, and when one tree dies, the remaining follows.

The German forest ranger discoveries pointed out of the existence of a communal system in the woods. There is communal belonging in the woods. Trees work together in a unique network and share resources. They equally demonstrate some form of resistance especially when incorrectly spaced away from each other. They quickly dry up together as a show of solidarity.

Human Functionality among Trees

Wohlleben labeled trees as social beings due to their ability to perform some of the many acts associated with human beings and not before imaged of forests beauties. Trees can count, nurse sick neighbors, remember and talk to each other through sending electrical-like signals across a fungal network known as ��wood wide web’ about imminent danger. Also, they care for their sick friends through feeding then sugar solutions via the roots. This explains why you are likely to notice tree stumps lasting for ages.The existence of strong trees social networks best explains the richness in forests.


Article Credits: “German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too” 


Deforestation – Effects On Environment

One of the major problems being faced by the modern world today is climate change, attributed to global warming, caused as a result of increased human activity that includes cutting of trees, clearing of land for crops or human settlement, also known as deforestation. Scientists and environmentalists link the thinning of ozone layer with this theory.

Humans have always been and maybe will be determined by forests at some level. Trees have there been form of homes, their natural world, their mine for food and their shelter from opponents. Forests are greatly significant to man, as well as other living creatures too; and unfortunately, it is one of the largest threats the world is facing today.

Mainly, the problems we’ve are set to massive deforestation; and at the actual moment, were realistically experiencing and enjoying the detrimental effects of deforestation and struggling with them simultaneously.

Deforestation can be seen as a the fantastic scale depletion of forests. Deforestation transpires when forests are transformed to barren lands and areas for industrialization, for method to obtain human consumption, as well as other explanations without adequate restoration in the forests. It is rather the undying injury to the vast land areas on the planet; thereby must be stopped and halted prior to the untoward effects become totally inevitable.

Outcomes of Deforestation on The Environment

Forests are some of the most organically distinct aspects of the globe. Countless plant and animal species inhabit the forests and could or may not have been classified yet. The initial surroundings of those untouched beauties encourage the existence of might know about call, biodiversity.

Simply, if your forests are to be destroyed wholly, all kinds of biodiversities inside will be swept away. There is no possibility of keeping them back and having to reconstruct again a forest which is as perfect since the ones we’ve got today. Furthermore, if these places are completely shattered, the outlook to understand more about other probabilities could be lost forever.

The results of deforestation around the coming genre ahead can be absolutely inestimable. Thus, the preservation and also the protection against extinction of several species can leave the entire world with a lot of opportunities open for that forthcoming people ahead. Areas such as medicine as well as other essential inventions could be gaping for future possibilities to the further advancement of humanity.

Overall, the terrible results of deforestation can not be compensated by the plans of further world development. It doesn’t matter what great importance industrialization would bring, we should also take into consideration that nature serves us in more effective ways than buildings and other facilities you can observe in urbanized areas.

Nature understands how to return at us, and that we can inevitably watch for more disastrous effects if humans to do not stop destroying it.

Proper Cypress Tree Service

Proper Cypress Tree Service

Tree service cypress ‘Tree service Cypress‘ is provided by a team of experts that have proper knowledge of how to take care, grow and nourish a Cypress tree. This tree is one of the fastest growing trees known and is the best replacement for a dead tree.Ability Trees provide the best tree care and diagnoses for different types of cypress tree service. Their ‘tree service Woodlands’ team is a group of skilled professionals with a good amount of experience in the field.

Service Crew

Apart from treating a cypress tree they also take care of oak and palm trees. They also have a good perspective of landscape management.Their team consists of tree surgeons and tree arborists along with a skilled crew for different tree services.

Planting a Cypress

If you have just gotten rid of a dead tree or a diseased tree and are planning to plant another one and you choose cypress to the one for you. Then the experts at Ability Trees working under the ‘tree service Cypress’ team are here to help you.

know the soil characteristics

The crew has a good knowledge of the soil characteristics and hydrology of the trees. The best soil is the one that is moist sandy loams and is moderately well drained. This type of soil helps many other trees grow as well. The best part about Cypress is that it can grow badly drained soil and its species pond cypress also grows on organic and acidic soils. Since Woodlands show such type of land soil, Ability Trees has a team named ‘Tree Service Woodlands’ ready to help those in the area.

The best place to grow a Cypress tree

This tree is fairly tolerant to shade and is advised to grow it away from dense land and away from crowded trees so that it receives optimum sunlight. The Tree service Cypress and Tree service Woodlands team, study your area well and help you select the best spot to grow this new life. If there is inadequate space, then there can be a possibility of cutting down or trimming the crowded trees to make space for cypress trees.

Know your Tree- Cypress

Ability trees’ expert teams namely, Tree service Cypress and Tree service Woodlands recommend plantation of the pond or bald varieties of cypress. Areas prone to floods are preferable for the bald cypress. Pond cypress is observed to grow better in isolated dips with a stationary water body nearby. The success of a cypress tree depends on the good keeping of the plant with insect and nitrogen control. They can speed up their growth in around three years and become 12 feet tall. Cypress tree planted naturally are slow in growth and require less maintenance.Go for the Customised Tree service.

What can one ask for when there is a team of professionals serving you for a particular service? Ability trees strongly recommend planting another tree for the loss of one. Their teams, Tree service Cypress and Tree service Woodland are known examples in the area that give all of the above services and help bring out successful results.

Tree Services – Stump Removal

Stump removal is a tricky thing for any homeowner to deal with. While one may be tempted to take on this task by themselves, we advise against it. If the removal is not done correctly, you can run into problems. So the better way to go is to hire us as your tree service provider. Our extensive experience makes this task a breeze and you can have the unwanted stump out of your hair and off your property quicker than you may think.

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We will come out and give you a free estimate on the cost of your removal as well as tree removal and a bunch of other services.

Many Knoxville, Tennessee residents think that they can get rid of an unwanted tree or tree stump on their own without the help of a licensed professional. While this is definitely possible, it is not advisable. There are a few things that can get in the way of proper stump removal and by hiring us, Tree Service in Knoxville, Tennessee as your preferred contractor, you are assured to not run into unnecessary complications. We also provide tree removal services as well as stump removal, so if you have a tree that needs to go, we can handle the whole job from start to finish.

A word of caution; do not try and remove a tree stump by attaching it to the back of a vehicle or pick-up truck. If the stump is too large, or the roots are deeper than you think you can run into serious problems. The bumper of the vehicle can be pulled off very easily and that will result in expenses far beyond hiring us to perform the stump removal. Dealing with the cutting down of trees and the grinding or removal of stumps is something that we deal with everyday. We have the latest equipment and grinders needed to handle the task very quickly. You will not have to worry about unnecessary disturbance of your lawn or nearby landscaping as we can assess exactly where and how to do the job with the least ruckus.

Another option that some homeowners may try is to rent a stump grinder on their own. Unfortunately, some companies can take advantage of the naiveté of the homeowner and overcharge for the rental or provide equipment that may not be powerful enough for your particular stump removal job. By hiring us as your tree service contractor, you can avoid all of this guesswork as we can implement this task in a way that won’t disrupt your lifestyle and hectic schedule. We are very affordable as well and the job will most likely cost much less that you think. We provide a free consultation as well, so that you will know what you will need to pay before we start the job.