Top GAP Year Ideas

The list of things to do all over the world during your GAP year is endless – the conservation of wildlife in Africa, volunteering in a South Pacific orphanage, or discovering new cultures in Asia. There is so much you can do to change the world, making your GAP years more rewarding. The GAP year activities offer fun and great discoveries, also a big plus in your resume. Moreover, you can earn income from doing volunteer work overseas programs. Thus, many employers would be impressed that you spent your GAP years doing something worthwhile.

volunteer work overseas

Here are some GAP year ideas to consider:

White Lion Conservation in Africa

If you are interested in animal conservation, the South African Conservatory is a perfect volunteering project for you. This project involves several activities such as caring for lion cubs, daily conservation activities for the flora and fauna, interacting with guests and visitors on the conservation project, lion upkeep, walking with the lions, observing lion behavior, and carrying out maintenance activities in the conservatory. Food and accommodation is available for the volunteers as well.

Engage in Panda Conservation China

This is another volunteering project for nature lovers. It is located in a beautiful mountainous region of China, involving daily activities such as taking care of Pandas and taking part in research and surveys. Food and accommodation is also available.

Learn Spanish

This is a very productive way to spend your GAP year, learning a new language or culture. Several countries in Latin America offer excellent volunteering opportunities where you can engage in sightseeing, volunteering, and learning Spanish.

Discover Asian Culture

Being home to the most ancient civilizations ever known, there is so much you can learn from Asia. Take up volunteering opportunities in India, Cambodia, or Thailand and learn all about the most exotic cultures of the world. Volunteer in India, learn about Buddhism, or undertake clay-house building in Thailand.

Additionally, Thailand offers incredible placement options for travelers, where you can engage in activities such as elephant conservation and learn more about the Thai culture. Volunteer India programs also include stints in Bodhgaya, the place where Buddhism was born and serves as a pilgrimage centre for many Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

Teaching a Foreign Language

You can volunteer as a teacher and teach kids across the globe.  Most teaching volunteering programs offer vacancies to teach English language skills in places such as Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, or even in Fiji. There are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer in orphanages and take care of young kids.

Volunteer in Argentina

Volunteering in Argentina offers something completely off-the-beaten path and a volunteering experience in another hemisphere. Immerse yourself fully into the Argentinean culture by learning Spanish, its dances, its cuisines, or its beautiful natural landscapes and tourist attractions. Argentina is also great for those who are interested in forest conservation volunteer work overseas.

Looking for a more rewarding and well-paying volunteer work overseas during your GAP year? Check out Involvement Volunteers International placement service at their official website:

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Get Sleepwear at the Click of a Button

It is Tuesday and you just got off the phone with the love of your life. He has planned a weekend getaway for just the two of you. You are super excited because you are finally going to spend your first weekend away with your dream man. As you daydream about the weekend to be, you suddenly remember that you do not have suitable sleepwear or even weekend wear! You are about to lose it because you have very busy days at the office and can’t step out to shop. Relax, for you can now shop for sleepwear online at the comfort of your office! And the good news, yes free delivery within Australia! All orders are sent via Australia Post in an Express bag and delivered within 2-3 days. Please use a P.O. Box if you have one as that will ensure faster delivery.

sleepwear online

sleepwear online

Clementine Sleepwear offers quality sleepwear and lounging pieces locally designed in natural fabrics. During summer we long for something that is lightweight and still stylish. Clementine sleepwear definitely had the common woman in mind when it designed its summer collection which is comprised of beautiful, lightweight, breathable nighties, pyjamas and robes. The winter collection that is coming soon is also warm and cozy made out of natural fabric.

Located in Swanbourne Australia, W.A 6014, Clementine Sleepwear offers practical sleepwear that can be worn any way you want – for sleeping or lazy Saturday indoors, or traveling. They have an online store for you to check more of their products.

What do you gain by shopping online

Discreet shopping:

Shopping for sizes can have its dilemmas. Sometimes you’d rather not have others involved as you pick your size. You may even be one of those who want to shop for a size smaller, as motivation to lose that extra pound. But then if you walk into a store to get a smaller size you will get weird glances around you. Why not shop at the click of a button? Clementine Sleepwear offers this to select any size you want.


Most modern women are very busy and do not have time to shop mostly because business hours are business hours. That is if your office closes at 5pm then the store is likely to close shortly around that time. The good news, you don’t have to drive all the way to the store to get Clementine womens sleepwear. You can just shop at the comfort of your home or office!


Most physical stores stock according to season. Like if you are planning to go on vacation somewhere with a sun, it’s most likely that you won’t get a summer item during winter in the store. However when online, you can select from the variety displayed. Clementine Sleepwear has a wide range of item categories according to style and collection according to your preference.

Cheaper pricing:

Everyone is going online these days to find cheaper items. This is mainly because with just the click of a button, it is easier to compare prices online than in the physical stores. So stores now cut down their online prices in order to stay competitive and at Clementine Sleepwear online prices are very competitive.

Beat Impulse buying:

We all like impulse buying, right? Stores strategically place their goods to catch the shopper’s eye! It is very easy to avoid impulse buying with Clementine’s nighties online since items are categorised and thus is hard for the eye to wander off. Clementine Sleepwear Online Store is well organised with the items on sale displayed at the front page.

Go to shop and click away. Happy buying!

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Koop De Galajurk Van Je Dromen Bij The Perfect Dress Shop

Een perfecte gelegenheid vereist de perfecte jurk. Dit is het moment om mooie herinneringen te maken en plezier te hebben, het moment om er prachtig uit te zien en op te vallen. Galajurken zijn in vele kleuren en stijlen te vinden, wat betekent dat je keuze zat zal hebben om de perfecte jurk te vinden. Als u in Nederland bent, is er maar één plek waar u zult vinden wat u zoekt; The Perfect Dress shop.



Over de winkel 

The Perfect Dress is een winkel in Nederland met geweldige collecties van alleen de beste feestjurken, galajurken, cocktailjurken en avondjurken. Of u nu een romantisch diner of een gala heeft, hier zult u krijgen wat u nodig heeft. De winkel staat in Hilversum op de ‘s Gravelandseweg 4a tegenover de ABN-AMRO. Voor meer informatie over hoe u er kunt komen, kunt u de winkel contacteren op 035-3030062035-3030062 of 06-4565916506-45659165.

Hun galajurken

Ze hebben veel verschillende jurken beschikbaar, waaronder jurken met bandjes en strapless jurken. U kunt ook kiezen tussen lange en kortere jurken, maar dit hangt af van uw lichaamsbouw en smaak, kleuren en stijlen.

U kunt de winkel bezoeken om uw favoriete jurk aan te schaffen of galajurken online kopen op hun officiële website. Terwijl u winkelt kunt u ook een kijkje nemen bij de beschikbare cocktailjurken en één of twee aanschaffen.

Hoe koopt u de perfecte galajurk

Of u nu besluit online te winkelen of naar The Perfect Dress winkel te komen, u moet ervan verzekerd zijn dat u de juiste jurk koopt. Hier staan enkele tips om u te helpen bij het maken van de juiste keuze.

• Neem uw maten op voordat u een jurk kiest. U kunt iemand vragen u te helpen bij het opnemen van maten of nog beter, een professionele kleermaker het laten doen. Als u The Perfect Dress bezoekt, zijn er professionals die u graag van dienst zijn in het opnemen van maten. Zo zult u er zeker van zijn dat u niet een te grote of te kleine jurk koopt.

• Koop een galajurk die aansluit bij het thema van het gala. Zo zijn er bijvoorbeeld feestjes waarbij wordt gekozen voor zwarte jurken, terwijl bij andere feesten avondjurken meer geschikt zijn.

• Kies een stijl waarin u zich comfortabel voelt. Dit zal u het zelfvertrouwen geven om er prachtig uit te zien wanneer u de jurk draagt.

Voordelen van winkelen in de winkel van The Perfect Dress

• Er zijn professionele adviseurs die u kunnen helpen om te krijgen wat u graag wilt.

• Zeer voordelige prijzen die klanten verzekeren van de beste deal.

• U kunt elk moment binnenlopen zonder een afspraak te hebben gemaakt.

• De grootste collectie van feestjurken, cocktailjurken en avondjurken in de omgeving.

• Simpelweg de beste in dienstlevering.

Voor de beste ervaring in het winkelen voor jurken kunt u van dinsdag tot zondag bij de winkel terecht of kunt u de officiële website een bezoekje brengen.

Voor  meer details kijk op onze website

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Minnetonka moccasins may have been previously made to be worn by Native Americans, but its elegant design and stylish looks have found its way to the fashion market where men, women, and children alike have found comfort in them.

Minnetonka Moccasins

Minnetonka Moccasins

Over the years, we have seen different styles of this footwear in the market. From classic, contemporary modern designs to trendy designs – every style maintaining the basic element of using high quality leather in creating a traditional look as the original pairs from way back.

Minnetonka moccasins are well-known to be durable and can be used for a long time, providing that they still fit you after a few years. However, they are made of leather material which is permeable and can absorb dirt easily. Therefore, they need to be cleaned regularly and in a proper manner.

If you own some pairs or you just bought one, there are several things you need to be aware of your shoes.

Regular Cleaning

Make it a habit of wiping them after every use to dust off dirty materials that might have stuck on them. You might want to consider spraying leather rain or stain repellent on them to offer extra protection when going out.

Once in a while, do some spot cleaning by simply using soap and water, identify stained areas and using a soft brush, apply soap then scrub it in a circular motion before rinsing off with clean water. After you have gotten rid of all the spots, let your shoes air-dry.

Special Cleaning

If it so happens that your shoes get too dirty and they need a total wash, use a gentle cleaner or detergent you have in your home, which is appropriate for cleaning leather material.

You can also use high quality soap, especially if you are not sure about the cleaner/detergent. Once you have decided on your cleaning agent, add enough water and apply it to the pair of shoes. After washing, put some leather conditioner to soften the material as it dries. Finish it off by applying polish paste at the top.

In addition, there are rare cases where it is okay to machine-wash your shoes. When doing this, always use a gentle cycle and never spin-dry. Instead, let it air-dry.

Cleaning your pair of Minnetonka Moccasins is easy as following the steps above, although you might want to consider expert advice and recommendations on which cleaning agent to use. The best place to get such information is inquiring from the store you bought your pairs from or from any authorized dealer who are willing to help.

Such dealer is Moccasins Direct. They provide you all the information you need to ensure that your shoes are well-taken care of and will always look fresh.

Moreover, is a great place to shop for your next pair as you can never have enough! They have a wide selection of moccasins for men, kids, as well as moccasins for women. They also offer exceptional values so you can get a great pair which fits your needs.

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Knowledge to Action – Learning How to Trade Successfully in the Forex Market

There are several possibilities when it comes to trading within the Forex market, and among the many possibilities all traders want to aspire for is successful Forex trading. There are no limits, be it on education or experience, that are imposed in practicing Forex trading. The only important thing is you have to have the capital and you need to learn how to trade Forex.

Learn how to trade forex

When it comes to learning how to trade Forex, you have two options. You can either learn on your own or learn from the ones who can teach you. There are some talented individuals who have chosen to learn to trade Forex on their own and were successful. Many people who took the risk however, failed and lost their investments.

If you want surefire success in trading within the Forex market, better enroll yourself with Knowledge To Action’s Forex trading course – learn how to trade FX from the best! This course was made and founded by Greg Secker, a renowned trader who has achieved great success in his venture in the Forex market. Now, he wants to teach you how you can do so as well.

By enrolling at Knowledge to Action, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Jumpstarting your trading career – for newbie traders, it’s important to understand how Forex trading works and learn the basics. By having a solid foundation on basics, it will be easier to grasp concepts, employ strategies and decide the best course of action when trading within the Forex market. Appropriate FX trading courses will be provided to you, once you choose to learn from the best.

2. Learning how to trade like a pro – aside from learning the basics from the video guides and eBooks provided once you sign up, you will also be taught different strategies in Forex market trading as attested by pros. On top of that, you will have a one on one coaching with the staff which is composed of expert traders.

3. Getting a shot at financial freedom – by deciding to learn how to trade Forex with Knowledge to Action and Greg Secker, you’re giving yourself a shot to attain financial freedom. What is this? This is the chance to earn an income enough to cover your expenses, wants and needs, while giving you the freedom to enjoy time with your family and enjoy your new found wealth anyway you want to.

Learn Forex from the best – let’s take a look at how Knowledge to Action equips you in becoming a successful Forex trader:

1. Starters kit – as you enroll in their Forex course, you will receive the ultimate Forex home study kit consisting of the following:

  • 2 tickets to their Forex introduction workshop
  • Financial Freedom eBook by Greg Secker
  • 6 part video course to Forex Trading – to start you off with the basics
  • $500 voucher – which you can use to make purchase on items found in the Knowledge to Action site

2. Training and workshops – when you attend the workshop and the free Forex training, you will be learning how to live a lifestyle followed by successful traders. You will also be learning what the currency market is all about and how you go on about trading in it.

3. Learning and developing strategies – once you grasp the principles behind Forex trading, they will then provide you with strategies that are found to be effective in today’s Forex market. These strategies are observed and devised by their team of experts.

4. Observation and practice – it’ll be hard to actually learn and apply things that you’ve been taught just off the bat. So before you go on the real deal, you will have access to their live trading floor where you can see and observe how real traders deal in the Forex market. At the same time, you will be provided with a dummy account where you can practice what you’ve learned, make your tweaks to your strategies and prepare for the real event.

5. Thorough coaching – Greg Secker together with his team wants you to succeed. That is why you will be provided with an expert trader to be your coach on your first try on Forex trading. Coaches can help you as you start out, allowing you to avoid pitfalls that most starters fall for.

For more information, please visit our website

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